Wednesday, December 29, 2010

!! Snow !!

     For the first time since 1947 they had snow here on Christmas Day! :) It started snowing around 8:00pm and didn't stop until Sunday afternoon. We got about 5-6in.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Pictures from Christmas Eve

     Christmas Eve Pop, Mama, Debbie, Nathan, Michael & I went out to eat supper at Denny's then drove out about an hour away to see a wonderful display of Christmas lights. This man does his yard up every year and also has little "shops" throughout the tour that have train sets in them that he has built. It is totally amazing. Caleb met us there (It's his neighbors that do this) and we had a great time. Here are some pictures..... I will put more Christmas picture posts here in a little bit. :)

Our Christmas tree in our bedroom.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Jacob's 10th Birthday

    Yesterday was Jacob's 10th Birthday and we all went over to their house in the afternoon for his birthday party. I didn't take very many pictures, but I wanted to post this one because I thought it was really cute and full of expression! 

Lauren - I Think She's Cute! :)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Easy Christmas Goodies.

     The first time I ever had these yummy treats was when my sister-in-law, Debbie, made them. They are so easy to make, yet one of my favorite "Christmas Goodies". :) I'm not even sure what they're called, or if they have a name....All it is is two Ritz crackers with peanut butter between them, then dip that in chocolate. Extremely easy.....but very tasty!!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Friends Night

     Tuesday night Caleb and Bethany came over to hang out and do some Christmas baking.....Peanut Butter Ball, to be exact. :) We had a great time and laughed a lot. Us girls had to put up with two crazy men all night, but it was fun. :) LOL

Did someone say baking?

Dippin' Peanut Butter Balls

I'm not sure they're "all there" :)

Monday, December 13, 2010

Church Workday.

     I mentioned earlier that we had a work day this past Saturday [the main focus was raking millions and millions of leaves! :( ] Anyway, just thought I'd post some pictures.... It was a very cold rainy day!

Bo on the mower.

Marcus had a tooth pulled the day before, and it wasn't feelin' good.

Pop blowing leaves.

What should we do now?? :)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Feeding the Homeless....

     This is the second time we have done this, and it is really awesome to be able to take part in a ministy like this that happens every 2nd Saturday of the month. This time we did soup and a sack lunch with crakers, two fruits, and a drink. Michael and Bro. Dale head this up, but the church people are very involved and help out with the food, and everyone takes turns going along on this adventure.

     PS. We also had a work day at the church after, and thanks to everyone's hard work the yard looks amazing!
Bro. Dale & I packing lunches

A cute helper.

One Good-lookin' Guy!

Praying with a homeless family.

The Crew for the adventure. :)

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Just for Britt.

     Hey Sis, thought I would put some pictures Michael took of me talking to you using Skype so you could see my crazy get-up. LOL :) Oh well, whatever means provides communication and cuts costs:)..... Love ya!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas This Year....

     At church tonight we all had to share what Christmas meant to us this year. I honestly hadn't given it a whole lot of "organized" thought. As I started to organize my thoughts from this Christmas season and the direction our Christmas seems to be taking two things have stood out to me.... (If you are wrapped up in the first thing, the second one kind of follows it. )

    1. It's all about giving and how can I be a blessing to others this Christmas.
   2. Not to let the commercial aspect overwhelm the real reason for Christmas.

   It was also said that so few people really know what it means to give until it hurts.... How true that is. We'll give as long as it doesn't mean a great personal sacrifice on our part, or until we feel like we've given our share, and that is about the extent of it. Yet God gave until it hurt....He gave His only Son.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Becky Kelley - Where's the Line to See Jesus - OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO

This is an amazing song... How true it is.

A Cozy Sunday

     Do to the snow we received Saturday church was canceled Sunday morning. Sunday was a chilly but sunny day, and we definitely enjoyed the beauty of the snow on the ground. We had Pop and Mama over for lunch and had a wintry meal of stew, biscuits, etc. Then we went to church last night, which was Youth Service. The young people did an awesome job and it was very interesting. Brooke, you did a great job organizing it! :)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Our First Snow :)

     Today we got snow for the first time this winter. We were all very excited about it....:)

Friday, December 3, 2010

The Immigration Journey Has Begun....

     We have started the long trail of paper work for my immigration process. At the end of which I will have my green card, and be able to work, and my permanent residence, which will allow me to live here. I thought I would post the checklist on here of what all we have to get together and send in. This does not include the forms we have to fill out, etc... just the titles of the forms.

© Suburban Law Group

I-130 Checklist

  1. Form I-130
  2. Filing Fee: $355.00: made payable to Department of Homeland Security
  3. G-325 filled out by the US Citizen signed and dated
  4. G-325 filled out by the foreign spouse signed and dated
  5. 2 Passport style photos for you and your spouse.
  6. Copy of the Full Birth certificate (front and back) for the US Citizen or a copy of ALL pages of the US Citizen's passport. This is used to establish citizenship.
  7. A copy of the intending immigrant's birth certificate along with English translation. (If in any language other than English)
  8. A copy of your certified marriage certificate (translated if not in English)
  9. A certified official copy of the petitioner's and/or intending immigrant's divorce documents. (If divorced before
  10. A copy of a prior spouse's death certificate. (If applicable)

I-485 Checklist

  1. Form I-485: Petition for Alien Relative
  2. Filing Fee: $1010.00: made payable to Department of Homeland Security
  3. Another G-325 filled out, signed and dated by non-U.S. Citizen
  4. Copy of the non US Citizen Spouses Passport (biographical page as well as entry stamps).
  5. Copy of the non US Citizen Spouses valid I-94 (front and back copies)
  6. A copy of the intending immigrant's birth certificate and/or passport along with English translation. (If in any language other than English)
  7. A copy of your marriage certificate. (If filing for your spouse)
  8. A copy of the petitioner's and/or intending immigrant's divorce documents. (If one or both of you have been divorced before)
  9. Two passport-type photos of the Non US Citizen Spouse
  10. I-693, Medical Examination of Aliens Seeking Adjustment of Status You can go here to find a doctor in your area: or let us know your zipcode and we'll generate a list that is in your area.
I-864 Checklist:

  1. Form I-864
  2. Copy of signed recent tax return with W2
  3. Any 1099’s as part of that tax return
  4. Letter from employer confirming employment
  5. Self employed or asset based please contact me right away
  6. Copy of 3 recent pay stubs
  7. If using others to qualify use 864A and contact me right away.

I-765 Checklist
  1. Form I-765
  2. Copy of I-94 arrival/departure record
  3. Full copy of passport with picture showing (color best)
  4. Two passport style photos

I-131 Checklist

  1. Form I-131
  2. Copy of passport identity page
  3. Copy of I-94 arrival/departure record
  4. Letter stating why advanced parole should be issued.
  5. Notice of receipt of AOS package OR letter stating concurrent filing
  6. Two passport style photos

The Legal Services Agreement, printed out and signed by both of you.

Monday, November 29, 2010

A Real Tree

     Michael has been wanting to get me a real tree for quite a while now in the worst way....Being as we have two good size fake trees, and i have a small tree from college, it was really not necessary. However, leave it to my man to be creative! He surprised me with this little tree, and it came as you see it in the pictures. It is the perfect size to be a center piece on the kitchen table, then can be planted outside after Christmas. He accomplished two things at once....He got me a real tree and helped the land-scaping cause as well. :) I definitely got one thoughtful man, and I am so grateful!! I love you Babe.

     Michael also has a great sense of humor at times. :) Not really, most of the time he does.....Anyway look at the bag he brought home cookies from work in. It is authentic, the real thing..... LOL

Friday, November 26, 2010

*Black Friday Shopping*

     Yes, we did go Black Friday shopping this Thanksgiving. :) I'm not sure how level headed it is, but it is fun and you can get good deals.... Last night we went to Marcus and Mandy's for supper, then Pop and Mama took all the grandchildren home with them for a sleep over. At midnight we started our hunting for bargains. :) We went with Marcus and Mandy and had a great time, which involved breakfast at Waffle House around 4am.  It was quite the adventure and I think we did more laughing then should be legal.
     It seemed for the most part that shoppers were in a extra good mood this time ( At our end of the world anyway)...In Wal Mart one line up was even singing Christmas Carols. We also met up with Bo and Amy for a coffee break and to exchange shopping stories....Which if you know anything about the "Evans Brothers" that can take quite a while. :) LOL.  We were all dragging our weary bodies home at about 8:30am after being up for over 24 hours. [I am not one to run on no sleep, but once a year I guess is ok :)]

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

     Dear Family and Friends,
          Happy Thanksgiving to you all! As I look over this last year I realize one more time how truly blessed I am personally, then also, us as a family..... God has been so good to us. I have a wonderful husband, family, [a new niece :)] and a cozy place to live. Every need is supplied, and even some of our wants. :)
      We were shopping last night at Wal Mart for some last minute food, etc. Christmas music was playing throughout the store and people were everywhere. As I was shopping  I found myself softly singing along with the Christmas music and reflecting on how blessed I am. Michael and I were talking and I told him to look around....It is supposed to be Thanksgiving and yet so many people looked so unhappy and rather miserable. I said we are so blessed to have Jesus in our life and to be able to have a good family, even though we can't always be together.
     Our hearts go out to Javier, Bella, Chari, Uncle Rinnie and Aunt Grace today, as it will be a hard Thanksgiving without Carrie.... We are thinking about you and praying extra for you today. We love you!!
                                                       Michael & Kimb

Monday, November 22, 2010

Pop and His Deer....

     Last week Pop went hunting. On Wednesday he shot the first buck you see, then on Thursday, his 61st. birthday, he shot the second one. :) Happy Birthday Pop!!

Bo helped Pop with this one

Michael helped Pop with this one.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Our Two Month Anniversary

     Today is our two month anniversary. :) Married life just keeps getting better as time goes by....In some ways it is hard to believe it has already been two months. Last night we went out to eat at a little Italian restaurant, and the food was amazing, and then we went shopping an Michael bought me a new skirt. :) He treats me like a queen every day, and I love him so much! I can't imagine life without him....

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Runaway Inmate.... All In A Days Work?!

     Today  while at work Michael witnessed an inmate who had escaped from the UNC Hospital run from a police officer who was trying to taser him. The inmate jumped in the police car and took off at high speeds. This all happened at the ER entrance of the hospital where Michael works. They finally caught him several miles up the interstate. The man was a kidnapper, thief, and apparently, a wild man. Here are some links to some news articles about the event. Michael may want to add his own, more in-depth, details later. :)

Monday, November 15, 2010

New Pictures of Lauren

Her Very First Bedtime Story Ever.....

Waking up... Which Is Quite A Performance. :)