Monday, December 6, 2010

A Cozy Sunday

     Do to the snow we received Saturday church was canceled Sunday morning. Sunday was a chilly but sunny day, and we definitely enjoyed the beauty of the snow on the ground. We had Pop and Mama over for lunch and had a wintry meal of stew, biscuits, etc. Then we went to church last night, which was Youth Service. The young people did an awesome job and it was very interesting. Brooke, you did a great job organizing it! :)


Kent and Laura Engle said...

That is so awesome! I am glad that you got a little of Canada sent down there for Christmas! lol...We also got snow last night! I think that if it is going to be cold and Christmas time...then it needs to snow!:)

Anonymous said...

I like your wintery pics! Good job!
Enjoyed our chat today!
Only just over 3 more weeks till we arrive!! Can't wait! Love you Sis!

Dreamin' said...

Thanks Sis. :) I enjoyed it too....I know we will have fun, and I can't wait to spoil the little pink bundle. :)