Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Runaway Inmate.... All In A Days Work?!

     Today  while at work Michael witnessed an inmate who had escaped from the UNC Hospital run from a police officer who was trying to taser him. The inmate jumped in the police car and took off at high speeds. This all happened at the ER entrance of the hospital where Michael works. They finally caught him several miles up the interstate. The man was a kidnapper, thief, and apparently, a wild man. Here are some links to some news articles about the event. Michael may want to add his own, more in-depth, details later. :)


Teddie said...

Wow, I heard it from you, first, then on the five o' clock news. And I might add that Lauren is absolutely beautiful. Hope you will be able to meet her, soon.

Dreamin' said...

Thank you. :) They are comming down for the first week in January. :)