Friday, November 26, 2010

*Black Friday Shopping*

     Yes, we did go Black Friday shopping this Thanksgiving. :) I'm not sure how level headed it is, but it is fun and you can get good deals.... Last night we went to Marcus and Mandy's for supper, then Pop and Mama took all the grandchildren home with them for a sleep over. At midnight we started our hunting for bargains. :) We went with Marcus and Mandy and had a great time, which involved breakfast at Waffle House around 4am.  It was quite the adventure and I think we did more laughing then should be legal.
     It seemed for the most part that shoppers were in a extra good mood this time ( At our end of the world anyway)...In Wal Mart one line up was even singing Christmas Carols. We also met up with Bo and Amy for a coffee break and to exchange shopping stories....Which if you know anything about the "Evans Brothers" that can take quite a while. :) LOL.  We were all dragging our weary bodies home at about 8:30am after being up for over 24 hours. [I am not one to run on no sleep, but once a year I guess is ok :)]

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Debbie Watkins said...

Sounds like yall had fun! I stayed home all day yesterday...didn't shop at all this year.