Monday, November 1, 2010

Youth Service at GBMC

     Last night we had our first Youth Service. Michael was in charge and the young people helped out and did an awesome job! Brooke led singing and Jake gave a devotional. We also played a game where they had to name the hymn either by a short  tune of it played on the piano or a phrase of words randomly selected from the hymn. At the end we even played musical pews. :) I think even the adults enjoyed that, if not, they definitely heartily participated! LOL :)

My Man!

The Preacher :)

Brooke lead the singing.

Jacob's sermon

Shane decided he needed to keep an eye on everything. :)

Playing musical pews


Debbie Watkins said...

Thanks for posting this! So cute!! Makes me wanna move back to NC.

Dreamin' said...

Jake was so cute and he did really well...and it was all by himself. :)

Beth Stetler said...

Great blog! Thanks for your sweet comment on mine. That was such an encouragment to me!