Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Busy Week...

.....It has been kinda crazy around here since I posted last. We have had two water leaks, one a pipe broke under the house, and two, a leak under the kitchen sink. Also, we made two trips to Danville, VA  (an hour away) because Michael's best friend's Grandma was dying. We went once to visit in the hospital then yesterday for the funeral. Please pray for the Brooks family during this hard time.
     Also, yesterday the church did a ministry for the first time, feeding the homeless. We did up 24 sack lunches with a track and church card and passed them out to the homeless on the streets and even some camping out in an empty wooded area. Michael and another man in our church headed this project up, and it went very well. I think they plan on doing it once a month from now on.
     We also did one of our nursing home ministries today. The same nurse has been there the last couple of times we've been there and normally stands in the room with all of us while we have our little service. This time however, she was helping patients find there song numbers, singing along, etc. After we were done and fixing to leave she started talking to us expressing interest in our church and asking some questions. I guess you never know what might come out of a nursing home ministry.... Maybe more than you think.

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Anonymous said...

Hey sis,
I had to try this commenting thing as I just read what you wrote on Laura's. Ha-ha!
Love you!