Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A "Catch-All" Post.

     I just wanted to quickly write a random update post. Most of this has already been said on FB, but I know I have dear family & friends who can not see what I post on there... so this is for you. :)

    I finally received a letter from Homeland Security with a place, date, and time to have my fingerprinting done ~ Sept. 14th. {Seems so far away, but at least we have the date!} The other good news is, I only have to go about 45min. away to the city of Durham.

    The other update is that come September I will be teaching piano lessons again! :) Just one student at this time, but that is a start. I can't really advertise until my paperwork is done because I can't work yet, so have to teach for free. I don't mind doing one or two... but don't really want a bunch if that's the case.

   Until later......Kimb


Laura Engle said...

That is so awesome Kim, I am glad that the paperwork is finally coming through! I know how it feels.

Anonymous said...

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