Monday, March 28, 2011

UNC Hospital

     I am writing this post from my chair beside Michael's hospital bed. We came to the ER last night around 7pm with a sever pain in his side. After many test and doctors they found the pain was caused by an inflamed colon. The cause of it being inflamed is yet to be determined, yet they think it is nothing serious such as cancer, but say they will have to do more tests to find out what is causing it. We are hear until Wednesday for those tests unless they decide to do them as an outpatient, then can probably go home tomorrow.
     I went home this afternoon to get 4 hours of sleep {after being up for 30hrs with 2 hrs of sleep during that time}, to take care of Alli, and get some things we needed. Now I am back for the night.
     They have been giving Michael antibiotics and saline through an IV and he is feeling somewhat better thanks to that. Please continue to pray that he continues to get well and the doctors will be able to find out what is causing this.


Rachel said...

Definitely be praying here!!!

Dreamin' said...

Thank you, Rachel!