Friday, March 4, 2011

Thank You Mandy!

     Once in a while having family members with different opinions does turn out to be a blessing. :) Marcus and Mandy bought this house last year and in their back yard the previous owner had planted tons of daffodils, lillies, and irises....maybe even some crocuses.....Well, Mandy would rather have all her flowers in pots, so was very happy for me to come dig some of them up. :) That made me very happy because I was wanting to find someone who would be willing for me to come and dig some up so I could plant them in our flower bed that is still in the making process....So, yesterday I did just that. This summer should be full of surprises as to what color the flowers will be etc. I had planted some bulbs already.... thus the bare dirt parts you see, because they haven't come up yet.

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