Friday, March 18, 2011

A Day...

     Today is a busy day full of cleaning, laundry, paying bills, making a grocery list, etc. It is blue sky, sunny, and supposed to reach at least 80 today. :) Things are getting green around here and there are flowers in our garden on the verge of showing their pretty faces!
     Tonight we are going to the Parker Homecoming to celebrated our 6 month anniversary. :) We will hear the Harvester's Quartet, Ivan Parker, and the Perrys.
     We are also trying to get everything in order for the weekend as it is a rather busy one... our outreach/food ministry tomorrow, grocery shopping, etc. and Sunday has it's usual responsibilities, and a nursing home to visit Sunday night.

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Laura Engle said...

Wow! Sounds fun and busy! Hope you had fun celebrating your six month anniversary! Time sure flies by.
For once we about had the same temp. here today as you all did down there! It was simply a gorgeous day today!....and I enjoyed it emensley!:)