Thursday, February 3, 2011


     Today our nephews, Jacob and Josh, came over for a while, which is something I always enjoy...Partly because they are always very entertaining. When they arrived I offered them hot chocolate and Josh wanted some. I fixed his cup and put it on the coffee table for him because he and Jacob had decided to play "Cranium" on the living room floor. You might have to know these to to appreciate all that I am going to say, but anyways, I got a lot of humor out of the two of them.
     Every little bit, Josh would run over to the table, grab the cup, and slurp very loudly, then in between slurps declare how very good it was, and how delicious. I couldn't help but laugh. :)
     Then one time Jacob barley missed getting his answer right and I hear Josh boldly proclaim in his little "chipmunk" voice, "Don't worry, I couldn't have got that one either." You seriously have got to love them! :) There were several other little things that happened I could write about, but I won't....It is so funny what can come out of a little person's mouth. :)


Anonymous said...

What a special treat for Josh and Jacob to spend an afternoon with a doting auntie.

Dreamin' said...

That is what nieces and nephews are for. :)

Debbie Watkins said...

Josh is a mess! Poor Jacob hates to lose....he takes after his daddy. :)

Rachel said...

Sounds like so much fun!!=]