Monday, February 21, 2011

....Great Things He Hath Done....

     We just finished a weekend revival with Bro. and Sis. Hedstrom, our conference president. What an amazing time of refreshment and encouragement... in spite of all the sickness that was going around! Each service was visited by the Holy Spirit in a very real and sweet way, and the messages were outstanding!
     There is a man who has been coming to our church consistently since Christmas. His name is Glenn. We met him on our feeding the homeless ministry. He lives behind a grocery store in the woods and has a little camp set up there. He is a very sweet man, and although he is homeless, he is not a bum. He does odd jobs when he can find them and takes very good care of himself.
     Anyway, I said that to say this. :) .... Friday night after church a bunch of us were in a SS Room and Glenn spoke up with tears in his eyes thanking us for finding him, bringing him back into church, and how that night during the service it was the first time he'd cried tears of joy in a long time. He told us his story in more detail, how his wife had died of cancer, and then he became a drunk, but how he'd been clean from alcohol for 6 months now.
     Sunday morning came and Bro. Hedstrom preached a wonderful salvation message and during the altar call Glenn walked up to the front, grabbed Bro. Hedstrom, and told him he needed so be saved. On that morning Glenn got saved, a boy who comes to church with our nephew, and another lady who has been coming prayed as well. It was amazing to see what God did in our church over this past weekend!!

Glenn and Bro. Hedstrom

The Hedstroms and  Marcus and Mandy


Jon Earls said...

Praise the Lord! Great to hear how God is helping!

Laura Engle said...

That is so awesome!Praise the Lord!

Rachel said...

So amazing!! I'm so glad to see how God is working and helping you all with your ministry!

Dreamin' said...

It is very exciting and encouraging to us as well!!