Friday, March 22, 2013


     Graham, my town, is what I would consider to be "small town", historical, and quaint. While it is surrounded by growing cities and towns, every shopping center or store you could ever dream of, it somehow has maintained its historical buildings, old town look, and small local business mentality.
     I never get tired of driving around the Court House Square in the middle of town or down Main St. and seeing all the little local shops that fill the historic building... there's soda shops, a hard wear store, old theater, little specialty shops and consignment stores, lawyer offices, barber shop, flower shop, furnature store, banks, bakeries, and several churches. {At Christmas the town has some of the prettiest lights ever!}
     It was one of those little businesses on Main St. that gave me the idea for this post..... This past Wednesday ,the main local barber, Mr. Woods, died at 101. He had been cutting hair full time since 1953. He worked every day up until last August right before his 101 birthday. Everybody knew him and it was very common for people just to stop by just listen to him tell his stories...You can read the article in the local paper about him Here .
     I wanted to post several pictures of Graham, most of them are of Main St. and the Court Square. {I did not take any of these pictures:)}
Part of the Town Square, the Court House is to the left of this picture.

One of the Main St Shops.
One of the several churches on Main St.

A local bank.


The Court House.


This little shop is slightly off the main path so to speak but it is a local, family run business that has been around for years and has the best milk shakes ever!! :)

One thing you got to appreciate about the south is their love for football.... Even in high school people are so passionate about it. Graham has two high schools in town, and depending on where you might happen to be on a fall Friday night you can hear the crowds cheering. :)

Love my little town but also the conviniece of major shoping centers and cities nearby.... :)


Laura Engle said...

Sounds like such a cool quaint place:) love those sort of spots! That is so amazing about the 101 yr old barber.

Brittany said...

I love this! I grew up in a "Mayberry-ish" little town, so towns like that just seem like home to me. The pace was slow, and everybody knew everybody. Unfortunately, all the old shops and favorite spots of mine were destroyed by tornados - it seems like it took away a piece of my childhood! Now there's just nothing there. They plan to rebuild but it won't ever be the same...
Love these pics - looks like a great place to live!