Saturday, June 18, 2011

UNC Football Stadium

     Isn't is crazy how when you live or work close to something like a historical site, sport attraction, etc. that people would love to see, however.... you never take the time to enjoy it or look around. Well, every day that Michael works he is a stone's through away from the UNC football stadium, and yet before last night we had never taken the time to go look at it.
    Pop is in the hospital with heart problems and we were down there last night with them so we decided that we were just gonna take the time and walk around the campus for a little bit and go see the ball stadium.
   Here are some pictures we took.... The stadium is abviously not being taken care of at this time because it is not FB season, so the grass, etc. is not "poster material". {You can always click on the pictures if you'd like to make them bigger!!}

I very common site... fixing to land on the hospital roof.

One of the entrances.

A picture I took of a picture they had there.

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