Tuesday, June 7, 2011


     During our visit to PA for a wedding, we stopped at Gettysburg for the majority of a day. Michael had never been and it had been 6 years since I'd been. One of our favorite instructors from college, Doc. Brian Black, came down ( a 2 hour drive) to give us a tour. He recently passed the written exam to be a tour guide there, so he was more than happy to do it. :) We spent four hours driving around and stopping at monuments and battle fields. It was an amazing experience!! We took several pictures and I tried to just pick out a few to put on here..... There was so much that happened there...

This is the North Carolina Monument.

The same man who did Mt Rushmore's faced did these as well.

General Lee.

On Little Round Top

The stones represent the northern line in Pickett's Charge. The monument is North Carolina soldiers...That's how close they got.

General Mead ( Mead & Lee's statuted face eachother across Pickett's Charge.)

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