Monday, October 25, 2010

Pastor Appreciation

     Yesterday, Oct. 24th, was Pastor Appreciation Sunday at our church. This year our church did a pounding for them, and then decorated the front of the church with the food, kind of like a Harvest Home. Michael was in charge of organizing it, and we want to say the church family was awesome with to work with, and gave from the heart.
    Thank you Pastor Marcus and family for all your dedication and hard work! [And thanks for being such great Bro & Sis. in-laws. :)]


Debbie Watkins said...

Looks like they got lots of stuff! :)

Anonymous said...

looks very nice, very sweet pastor and family
cute children pretty church we like the stone work

Kimb said...

Debbie, I tried posting a video of Brooke and Jake singing yesterday for you, but I couldn't get it to load. I might try agian later... We were happy with how it turned out. :)