Thursday, October 21, 2010

An Encouraging Thought...

     I was reading this morning in my devotions in the first couple chapters of Revelation, specifically where Jesus was talking about the 7 Churches, which most believe to represent 7 Church Ages or time periods, and also that we are living in the last one, the Laodiceans Church.
     As you read down through all seven churches, it becomes very obvious that ours is spiritually the most dangerous and challenging of all, and yet the most amazing. I read some of what Adam Clark had to say about it to, and he said the same thing. If you read Rev. 3:14-21 it is really amazing.
     Basically Jesus is saying this church is careless about there soul, has little spiritual fervency, is spiritual blind, and in the worst state a church could be in ... A rather dim picture! But then in the verses that follow we find Jesus Himself cheering us on....He says we can receive from Him faith and grace that will withstand every trial, Holiness of heart, and spiritual enlightenment so that we don't have to be spiritually blind. He challenges us to be diligent about our spiritual life, and promises to us, we can make it!
    The other part that stood out to me was that out of all the 7 Churches, ours is promised the greatest reward. Jesus promised to one Church to those that overcome he would cloth in white garments and not blot out their name from the Book of Life. Another He promised to make them pillars in the Temple, but to us He promised we would sit with Him on His Throne with the Father!
     This Laodiceans Church  is truly a picture of hope for the worse sinner, grace for the weary saint, unfailing victory, and a promise of sitting with Jesus beside the Father at the throne!! What encouragement!
     I know I have rambled on a good deal, and it might not help you that much, but it just jumped out at me this morning in a very real way and  I thought I would share it. [A preacher or theologian I am not :)] It gave me a fresh determination and encouragement to make it. :)

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