Monday, August 23, 2010

Our Living Room

Dear Friends,

Our trailer is still in the process of being put together... However, I think the living room is pretty much done. Sometime we would like to put new carpet in, but that will have to wait. ;) I would like to hang a couple pictures after the wedding, but for the most part it is finished. I am posting some "before" and "after" pictures as a dear friend's request. :) She said compairing is half the fun, and I would agree!!.... Kimb

After :)
Michael baught me this picture for college graduation.


Michael said...

Baby, I think you did a great job with the house! It looks so warm, cozy! I Love it babe! I'm so proud of you! love you...

Anonymous said...

Kim, it looks good and cozy! I am so happy for you.


Kimb said...

Thank you... It has been a lot of work, but I love doing it. Always trying to think of creative ways to make things work.:)