Thursday, July 18, 2013

Summer So Far....

     It has been forever since I did a blog post on here!! This has been a relatively quiet summer for me. Most of the time they are filled with yard work, lots of DIY projects, keeping my flower bed looking somewhat presentable, etc. Well, there hasn't been much of that going on  and I miss it at times. However, it is all for a very good cause.:)
    I have pretty much kept up with a normal life until it has just become physically impossible or unsafe to do some things. I don't think I could reach a weed if I wanted to. My balance has not been the greatest the past couple of weeks either, so we try to be extra careful around here. Michael's "Daddy Hormones", for lack of a better term, have set in and he likes to keep me on a "short leash" these days. Sometimes, I find it extremely frustrating, with being rather independent and all, but it is really sweet in some ways..... :) :)
    We have had a couple of really fun cook outs so far, and I hope many more will still follow. We were not able to go to either of our church conference's Youth or Family Camps this year, and really missed that. Our VBS at our church was tons of fun and we had a good group of kids.
    Here is the only project I  have done so far this summer. I did it back in May and have been enjoying it a lot.


     We have had a very wet and rainy summer and have not been able to enjoy the outdoors to much. The flowers are all looking a little sad and lots of flooding has been going on. Thankfully, we have not had any flooding that has caused any damage at our place. Well, we didn't quite get off free.....
    Our pool collapsed last weekend. It had a weak panel and was completely full because of all the rain. Also, the ground under it had become unstable. All of these combined caused that panel to rip all the way down like someone tore a piece of paper in half. We are so thankful that nobody was seriously injured or killed when it happened, but we are all going to miss the pool a lot!!

Well, I guess I should wrap this post up..... We are all awaiting the arrival of our little man any day now....The nursery if mostly functional, but not totally finished being decorated yet. That is why there hasn't been any pictures of it... :(  Hopefully the next post will be pictures of the fella himself! :)

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