Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Lilla Rose Giveaway Comming Soon

     Just wanted to give everybody a heads up.... I will be doing a Lilla Rose giveaway here on my blog sometime during the first week of January. Three people will be winning $15.00 gift certificates to spend in their store. This giveaway is being made possible through Independent Lilla Rose Consultant, Dawnita Fogleman. You can check out their website (Here) if you want a sneek-peek, but do not sign in as customers, as that is part of qualifying for the giveaway.:) I have both a flex-clip and Hair sticks, and love them both!!


The Zeigler Homestead said...

We will see if this works. I tried posting a Congrats post about your little one but it never went through.

I just looked at the hair website and the flex clip looks awesome. I've never heard of one. :)

Dreamin' said...

Thanks for your contgrats.... I did get when you posted before.:)

Yes, they are a little expensive, but I won mine in a giveaway like I am going to do and love it on days when you need something fast, etc. I have a fair bit of hair....not to thick, but to my knees, and I use the biggest one, and it works great.