Monday, July 23, 2012


     It seems to have been kind of crazy around here lately for whatever reason.:) Last week we had a great VBS at our church  and our Pastor and his wife, Marcus and Mandy Evans, (Who also happen to be my amazing bro & sis in-law) did another outstanding job!! We averaged 37 kids every night. We also started doing a kids club every Sunday night and used VBS to kick it off. Last night was the first time with 26 kids. It is all very exciting even though working with children isn't one of my strongest points! :)
     Friends play an important part in everybody's life, and although we don't  have a ton of them that we get to hang out with very much {especially when it comes to girls:( } we do try to get together with Caleb  and Jordan once in a while. Below are some pictures of their last visit, which was also kind of a little birthday celebration for Caleb. Jordan took the pictures for fun but you can check out more of his photography at his blog Tickle Photography . {You can make the pictures below bigger by clicking on them.}

Caleb and Michael grillin steaks.

Jordan running around takin pictures.

The amazing food! :)

Crazy people....

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