Monday, November 28, 2011

An Update

     I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We did, and it was nice having Nathan and Debbie here for a couple days so everyone could get together. I haven't been posting on here much, or doing much of anything for that matter, because I was not feeling well. Finally, it got so bad, we made a trip to the ER for what everyone thought was gallbladder problems. However, after  several test, it was determined, it was a bad case of acid reflux, with maybe an ulcer or something like that thrown in with it. Thankfully, medicine is helping, and I am feeling much better and finally excited once again for Christmas and FOOD!!! :)

Michael is enjoying his new job and likes his co-workers. As a result of his work, he was able to give our oldest niece an autographed picture of Scotty McCreery(She is a huge fan of his). Her reaction was priceless. We were going to wrap it up for her for Christmas, but we couldn't wait.

Below are some pictures from Thanksgiving, the Burlington Christmas Parade, and the UNC/Duke football game we went to. Hope you enjoy them.

The Evans Family

The marching band was awesome!


Debbie Watkins said...

That is awesome about the picture for Brooke! Glad you are feeling better!

Dreamin' said...

You would have thought someone handed her $500.00! :)