Thursday, October 6, 2011

Just Fishin'

     This past weekend Debbie and Nathan {sister & brother in-law} were here visiting and we all spent Saturday evening over at Bo's {brother-in-law} pond fishing. I can't stand fishing's ok as long as I don't get close to any fish. :) I love fish tanks, but that is where I draw my line. However, it is good family time, and I am learning to enjoy it more....Here are some pictures from that evening. {You can click on each picture to make them bigger.}

I love this picture... if you look closely, you can see Josh's feet don't touch the ground!

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Laura Engle said...

Yes, I understand your point of view. Kent also loves fishing. I kinda like it once in awhile, that is if I can catch lots of fish:) Kent caught a fish the other day, and showed Khloe. She thought the fishy was very nice. So when Kent had to put it back she needed to tell the fishy "Bu-Bye." You see she has to tell nearly everything "Bu-bye" or she gets very distressed at its departure. But if she can tell it bye then all is well:)