Monday, July 25, 2011

A Much Needed Update....

     It has been forever since I have posted on here, and  a lot has taken place! The first weekend of July we went down to AL to visit Michael's Granny and help out in a weekend revival. Then on the 4th it was off to a week of camp meeting in Pell City, AL. We had a wonderful time there!

     We stopped off at 6 Flags Over Georgia on the way home with Michael's oldest brother, Jimbo, and his family for a day of fun & relaxation....{Well, not so sure about the relaxation part! :)}

     After arriving home we set out to unpack, find our overtaken yard and garden, and prepare for company Friday night. Our dear friends, Jaylena & Ben McDowell, along with the Male Quartet from Penn View, were staying with us. We had a great time with them!

     Monday started our VBS, and that is always exciting, but very exhausting as well. I believed we averaged somewhere around 40 kids every night. It was also one of the hottest weeks we've had all summer and our dear old church van has no AC, so that made things even a bit more interesting. :)

     Thursday night our dear friends, Rachel & Roxie arrived to spend the weekend with us on their way to a camp meeting in TN. We had a good time in spite of us being wore out from VBS. They were great sports anyway, and even let us drag them around calling on the kids Saturday.

     I believe that pretty much brings everyone up to date on life in a nutshell. :) This week will consist of  cleaning house, catching up, etc., as well as trying to finish putting up the corn in out garden! Hopefully the next post won't be so far away.....;)


Debbie Watkins said...

Your life is so much busier than mine! Mine is the same routine everyday....clean house, relax in the pool, cook supper then coffee time on the front porch! :)

Dreamin' said...

Sounds good about now! :) ...It isn't always so crazy.